Sample UltraAnalytix™ Reports

Sample UltraAnalytix™ Reports

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UltraAnalytix™ provides Owners and Licensees detailed reports about the fiberglass reinforced plastic assets (FRP or GRP).  These reports provide remaining service life predictions, external visual inspection information, corrosion barrier damage, photographs,  recommendations and conclusions.  These reports can be a key component in an Asset Management System or Process Safety Management Planning.


Sample Report – Vessels


One of the thousands of vessels inspected using the UTComp System

Sample Report – Tank in Operation

UltraAnalytix™ is non-destructive and non-intrusive.  Readings can be taken from outside of the vessel while the equipment and plant is in operations.  In some circumstances, it is beneficial to have the vessel in operations.

UTComp Vessel Report from Equipment in Operation



Sample Report – Multiple Inspections

UltraAnalytix™ has the distinct advantage of being able to show the change in the equipment over time. While, generally, the thickness of fiberglass reinforced plastic (FRP/GRP) does not change while in service, the strength does. UltraAnalytix™ is able to document these strength changes and then provide remaining service life predictions.

UTComp Vessel Report with Multiple Inspections


Sample Report – Piping


Sample Report – Piping Circuit

Customers are often quite concerned about the condition of their FRP/GRP piping. UltraAnalytix™ is able to inspect all piping and ducting that is 50mm or 2 inches and above.  The reports provide valuable information about bonding (joints, etc), remaining service life, corrosion barrier damage and remaining service life predictions, as in the vessel reports.

UTComp Piping Report