Professional Engineering and Safety

Professional Engineering and Safety

UTComp is committed to professional engineering  and safety at the highest level of excellence.  We are FRP Subject Matter Experts.  We ensure that our customers and licensees have confidence in the information and results provided by UTComp. Our fantastic team of Professional Engineers and Engineering Analysts are dedicated to ensuring our customers know that we meet and exceed the standards set by our professional organizations, and government.

We have accreditation with a number of organizations.  Moreover, we affiliate with a number of top notch organizations. We keep professional engineering and safety as our highest priority.

All of UTComp’s Engineering Analysts have up to date safety training, including working at heights, WHMIS, etc. We are constantly updating our skills to meet the highest standards. Safety is our priority.

Geoff is a licensed professional engineer in two provinces: Ontario,  and Newfoundland and Labrador.  Licensing is essential to the consulting work and solutions that are done at UTComp.

Only a licensed Engineer can prepare, sign, seal and submit engineering design and drawings.  Only Professional Engineers have as legislated requirement to protect the safety of the public – and that includes our customers. You can be assured that the work provided by UTComp has a high level of competency. We take this responsibility seriously.


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Professional Engineers Ontario




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