Press Release: F.I.T. LLC

Press Release: F.I.T. LLC

Press Release: F.I.T. LLC

Thursday, May 9th, 2013

UTComp, Inc is pleased to announce that F.I.T. LLC, (Fiberglass Inspection Technologies) of Morrison, IL has been licensed to collect information using the UTComp System. F.I.T. LLC is able to meet the needs of clients throughout North America.

In 2009, UTComp introduced a unique and innovative approach to the inspection of FRP. In response to repeated requests from end-users needing reliable and valid information about the integrity of FRP equipment and information about life-cycle planning, UTComp began to examine alternatives to traditional inspection techniques: acoustic emission, visual inspection and destructive testing. This work is based on more than 50 years of cumulative academic work.

Fibreglass Reinforced Plastic (FRP)
• Lightweight, strong material with very many uses, including tanks, pipe, wind turbines, boats, etc.
• Three key ingredients : Resin/Matrix, Reinforcement (Glass) and Shop Methods and Procedures
• Corrosion resistant for many acids, and chemicals
• Provides structural support and good corrosion protection for thermoplastic linings.
• Shop Methods and Procedures produce most variability in the properties of the product

Determining Changes in FRP
Changes in FRP
• Properties reduce while in-service, generally
• No direct relationship to time in service
• No direct relationship with chemical conditions

UTComp Can:
• Train on site staff and license users to limit the cost of inspector travel to site.
• Combine with other traditional inspection methods
• Provide recommendations for the need to do internal inspection

UTComp® works for the following Customers (including Fabricators and End-Users):
Municipal: Water and wastewater pipes and tanks
Chemical Processing and Mining: Process Pipe and Tank, Duct work, Scrubbers, Ventilation Systems, Pressure Vessels
Transportation: Tank Trucks and Railway Tanks, Boat Hulls
Wind Energy: Materials Used in Wind Turbine Production
Aerospace: Materials Used in Commercial and Military Aircraft

For more information contact:
P.O. Box 20039
355 Hespeler Road
Cambridge, Ontario
Telephone: 519.620.0772
Fax: 519.620.2323


FIT LLC. (Fiberglass Inspection Technologies)
108 W. North Street,
Morrison, IL
John Anderson Email:
Aaron Pigula Email:

Telephone: 563-249-1410
Website: To be announced

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