FRP Testing

FRP Testing


Inspection does not require shut-down, confined space entry.

Inspection: Key to Long Term Success

No time for shut down?

Need to know if your equipment is still reliable?

Want to maximize resources?

UTComp and our network of licensee are able to give customers confidence in their FRP assets.

Using UltraAnalytix to inspect your FRP equipment will provide reliable, valid, repeatable and most importantly non-destructive results. These results combined to provide suitability for service information about equipment. This inspection technique can be used on new and in-service equipment. UltraAnalytix is simple :

  1. Field data is collected by a UTComp Employee or Licensee.
    • A data collection plan is developed using UTComp recommendations and client needs
    • A full external inspection is completed at the time of UTComp Data Collection
  2. Readings and other documentation (reports, pictures, etc) are combined and sent to UTComp for analysis
  3. UTComp analyzes data
  4. Report is produced and sent to owner or Licensee, includes but not limited to
    • Recommended date of next inspection
    • Suitability for service
    • Recommendations for repair or replacement

You are able to use a UTComp Inspector or a trained Licensee to collect data.

See the unique inspection details and recommendations provided by UltraAnalytix.

Benefits of UltraAnalytix

UltraAnalytix is based on more than 60 years of research, including work originally conducted by NASA.  It is more than conventional ultrasonic thickness testing.  The value of this innovative system comes from the innovative post-processing of the raw data to provide repeatable and reproducible results. Some of the many UltraAnalytix advantages include:

  • A proactive inspection that can help avoid failures therefore avoiding costly repairs, clean up and negative public relations;
  • Non-destructive method for testing FRP assets. There is no need to cut test samples out of the asset, allowing the structural integrity to remain intact, minimizing confined space entry;
  • External Visual Inspection is completed at the same time;
  • Evaluations can be completed on all sizes of pipe including under 50mm or 2 inches in diameter;
  • The initial testing can be completed in the manufacturer’s facility, and while the plant is in full production;
  • The owner does not have to wait for a shut down or, worse yet, create a shutdown for the inspection;
  • A baseline from manufacturer or installation can be set for ongoing inspections;
  • The regular scheduled inspections create a monitoring curve;
  • Data can be collected by UTComp trained personnel: UTComp employee, an end-user employee, manufacturer or a licensee;
  • Provides production information for manufacturers to minimize wastage or over production;
  • Provides measurement for acceptance criteria;
  • Verify the quality and successful achievement of customer requirements;
  • Cost effective solution that can be completed in a timely fashion.
  • The system has been built to allow for a time efficient ‘one walk’ of the pipe by the UTComp data collector.