Industry Application

Industry Application


Many Industries are using UTComp.

Industries Using UltraAnalytix™

All industries are interested in improving reliability of their assets.  The cost of failure, down time, unexpected losses, not to mention safety and safe operation of assets are key industrial indicators.

UltraAnalytix™ works within the context of many industries (including Fabricators and End-Users). Below are some of the applications where the system has been successfully used for inspection of fiberglass reinforced plastic inspection and evaluation.

Here is a list of some of the many industries using UltraAnalytix:

  • Municipal: Water and wastewater pipes and tanks
  • Chemical Processing and Mining: Process Pipe and Tank, Duct work, Scrubbers, Ventilation Systems, Pressure Vessels
  • Transportation: High Speed Trains, Tanker Trucks and Railway Tanks, Boat Hulls
  • Wind Energy: Wind Turbine Blades



Industries and Companies

“What gets measured, gets managed”, Wm Thomson

UltraAnalytix‘s success is built on the providing reliable, valid and repeatable results to our customers.  This enables and empowers our customers to make the best decisions about their processes, plants, companies and industries.  But knowing remaining service life, being able to control costs and work within budget cycles companies and industries can improve safety, reliability.

 Showing Success

UTComp has shown that we are able to successful give customers the right information to be able to make the best decisions. We are FRP subject matter experts and are able to give you reliable and valid information about your FRP equipment. We can assist with design, materials selection, quality assurance, etc…

Here are some Case Studies of where we have been able to provide the right information to our customers.

Here is some more informaiton about the how UTComp supports Mechanical Integrity